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Hungarian Design Award and Design Management Award 2015

A series of competitive and creative intellectual products will be displayed at the exhibition of the Hungarian Design Award this year. The latest exhibition of Hungarian design is open to visitors in the Museum of Applied Arts from 25 September. Apart from the gallery of the Hungarian Design Award, visitors will see Hungarian organisations that serve as role models with their exemplary system approach.

The winners will receive the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management Award for their innovative design and design-driven corporate culture today. As the number of developments, innovations and investments in Hungarian design is continuously increasing, the creative revolution can increasingly be traced through the works competing for the Hungarian Design Award. “This year, about the four-fifth of the entries demonstrate tight consumer-designer-economic synergy effects. New and innovative designs that reflect the dynamically changing designer and market conditions appear in our everyday life – let it be our homes, fashion, tourism, traffic or work. Diversity and market orientation are special features of the latest designer performance.” – dr. Miklós Bendzsel, President of the Hungarian Design Council says. Several data support the impetus of the Hungarian creative industries: Hungary is the eighth most important design centre in the European Union and the creative industries account for 3.7% of the Hungarian GDP*.

Hungarian Design Award 2015

Entries were accepted in four categories – product, design, visual communication and student – for the application of the Hungarian Design Award, announced by the Minister for National Economy. London LED Lantern, which provides up-to-date economical LED street lighting was one of the winners of the Award in the product category. Another winner in the same category was the outdoor and indoor chair family Biela by András Kerékgyártó who said a farewell to unstable plastic garden furniture. The domestically developed, medical technology innovation, Hand-In-Scan hand hygiene system, a novel solution in the area of healthcare and food industry and the clear-cut and easy-to-change Luminari Glass product family shared the award in product category. The multi-function fishing rod Wor.my in the design category is in fact the Swiss knife of all fishing rods. The award was given to the book “The art of grill” which put barbecue in a gastro cultural context in the category of visual communication. A Hungarian high-speed express train, Stella Orientis, which aims to revive long-distance railway traffic, won the award in the student category.

The Arcus Temporum Festival – a series of art programs of Pannonhalma Archabbey – was awarded the special prize by the Under Secretary for Culture of the Ministry of Human Capacities for its visual appearance made by Benedek Takács while the special prize by the Under-Secretary for Higher Education was awarded to Provo-Cut, a textile and clothes collection using “ragged” material technique by Zita Bettina Merényi. The new hexagonal lantern by Inarchi Ltd., Rutile received the special prize by HIPAVILON Hungarian Intellectual Property Agency. Perceptual Thinkers, the alternative clothes collection of Dániel Szalkai was awarded the special prize by the Hungarian Design Council: this collection with its additional features that relies on perception-based thinking reflects the special habits of autist people.

*Source: “Hungarian design from a business perspective – evaluation and successful models”, a study; 2015


Design Management Award 2015

This year, the Design Management Award was given to Hello Wood, a company of socially responsible designers that regards design as an important factor of success. This award has aimed to recognise Hungarian institutions with model-like integration into company management since 2009. Apart from the winner, four other organisations were deemed by the jury as being exemplary and worthy of recognition for their design management activities: Borecet Ltd, Laposa Birtok Ltd, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta and the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

All the works that received the Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management Award or a licence to display in the exhibition can be seen in the Museum of Applied Arts (1091 Budapest, Üllői út 33-37; opening hours: Tue-Sun: 10:00 – 18:00). The exhibition which is a part of Design Week Budapest together with the expositions of Home Sweet Home and Collective Imagination – Biennial of Ibero-American Design (BID14) is open to the visitors between 25 September and 15 November 2015.

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The graphical appearance of the exhibitions were designed by:

Balázs Balogh – That’s it. – Hungarian Design Award

Márton Gereben – Design Management Award

Installations were designed by Studio Nomad


Award Winners:


Biela outdoor and indoor chair family

product category

Designer: András KERÉKGYÁRTÓ

Manufacturer: NEZOZEN Ltd


London LED Lantern

product category

Designer: NIETO Ramón

Client and Manufacturer: Lumino-Tech Ltd



product category – shared award

Designer: Flying Objects Design Stúdio Ltd

Manufacturer: HandInScan Ltd


LUMINARI GLASS glass case product family

product category – shared award

Designer: S’39 Hybrid Design Manufacture

Manufacturer: Rákosy Glass Ltd


The art of grill – book

visual communication

Designer: Dávid BARÁTH

Client: M PROFOOD Plc

Manufacturer: MPB Hungary Ltd


STELLA ORIENTIS Hungarian high-speed express train

Designer: Balázs LENKEI

Sponsor: MÁV Plc

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest


Wor.my fishing rod

Designer: Szabolcs NÉMETH

Manufacturer: Vas 15 Lp


Special Prize Winners:


Special Prize by the Under-secretary for Higher Education of the Ministry of Human Capacities /

PROVO-CUT fashion and textile design

student category

Designer: Zita Bettina MERÉNYI

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest


Special Prize by the Under-Secretary for Culture of the Ministry of Human Capacities

Arcus Temporum Festival – appearance

visual communication

Designer: Benedek TAKÁCS

Client: Pannonhalma Archabbey

Manufacturer: Mondat Nyomdaipari Ltd, Rulity Ltd


Special Prize by HIPAVILON Hungarian Intellectual Property Agency Nonprofit Ltd

Rutil lantern

product category

Designers: János HÉDER, INARCHI Ltd

Manufacturer: INARCHI Ltd


Special Prize by the Hungarian Design Council

Perceptual Thinkers alternative clothes collection

student category

Designer: Dániel SZALKAI

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest


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17 November 2015