Hungarian Design Award Competition 2006

Hungarian Design Award Competition 2006

Award ceremony

Budapest, 2 October 2006

The 27th Hungarian Design Award, offering a total of 5 million forints in prize money, has been presented. The awards were given to the most outstanding representatives of Hungarian design in the categories of product, concept and student work. An exhibition displays the works of the award and special prize winners and those of more than 40 selected competitors in the Museum of Applied Arts until 23 October.


Hungarian Design Award - Product
CAMOU Clothing and accessories decorated with city images
Designer: FEHÉR Beatrix
FŰ-SZER Jewellery collection
Designer: KAINTZ Regina

NUCLINE™ CARDIO DESK Double-detector isotopic heart analyser
Designers: SCHWARCZKOPF Attila, Dr. BILLING Ádám, BENDZSEL Tamás, PIROS Attila
Manufacturer: Mediso Kft.

Hungarian Design Award - Concept


BODZA STOPP Travel clothing collection

Designers: Bodza  team: SOMOGYI Ágnes, NAGY Júlia, ORBÁN Ivett, CSERGŐ Noémi, KERESZTURY Kata

Hungarian Design Award - Student
WITCH Electrolux household vacuum cleaner
Designer: COSOVAN Tamás

Client: Electrolux Kft.

Internet teahouse image design

Designer: KARDULECZ J. Nóra


Special prize awarded by the Ministry of Education
PANTHA REI Interactive animation film
Designer: ERDÉLYI Judit

Special prize awarded by The Ministry of Cultural Heritage
Designer: MADARÁSZ Melinda

Special prize awarded by The National Office for Research and Technology
AIR1 HIGH-END Loudspeaker box
Designers: Geppetto Design Studio, BAY Zoltán


Special prize awarded by The Hungarian Design Council
MOVEMENT IN PAPER Paper jewellery
Designer: GERA Noémi

Special prize awarded by The Hungarian Design Council
Haute Couture collection inspired by Rome
Designer: MESTER Dóra