TM e-Filing

TM e-Filing – easy and fast e-Filing

New electronic trademark filing system at HIPO

Since 4 September 2014 the TM e-Filing system serving for filing national trademark applications electronically has been available for the clients of HIPO. The implementation of the TM e-Filing system developed by EUIPO has been accomplished within the frameworks of the cooperation with EUIPO.

The new TM e-Filing system, which operates parallel with the already know Ebej system, offers user-friendly supporting functions for the trademark applicants. The TMclass tool supporting the creation of the list of goods and services of the trademark application, which helps form the list of goods and services of the trademark application in accordance with the common EU classification practice. The so-called active form operation of the TM e-Filing system does not require the download and upload of pdf forms but the form can be submitted by one click after making the application and logging in the customer site. We hope that our clients will like the new TM e-Filing system and that the filing of the trademark applications will be even faster and more comfortable.


The TM e-Filing system is available here (only in Hungarian):

TM e-Filing .