Simplified trademark filtering

Simplified trademark filtering

Service information

1. Within the scope of this service, the Office conducts a simplified search for the word, combination of words, personal names, slogans, letters, numerals (hereinafter referred to together as "sequence of characters"), figures, pictures, two- or three-dimensional forms (hereinafter referred to together as "figures") presented by the customer among the trademarks registered by the Office, Community trademarks, and international trademarks and trademark applications designating Hungary. In case of sequences of characters those trademark applications and registered trademarks with earlier priority are selected, which are identical (have an identical form of writing or identical pronunciation) with the sign given by the customer or contain the sign as an element thereof. In case of figures or signs combined with figures, those figurative signs are selected, which bear at least two figurative elements of the given sign classified according to the Vienna Classification.

2. The service may exclusively be ordered in writing, by filling out of the order form introduced by the Office for this purpose. One order form may relate to the search of a single sign. The form is available at the Customer Service of the Office, at infopoints of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry or can be downloaded from the homepage of the Office.
Order forms are to be sent to:

Hungarian Patent Office
Customer Service
1370 Budapest, POB 552.

3. The search is restricted to the classes of goods and services indicated by the customer.
The goods and services to which the sign relates must be given by indicating the number of each class of the goods and services classified according to the Nice Agreement concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks.
The Nice Classification is available on the homepage of the Hungarian Patent Office. For lack of the indication of classes, filtering will be performed in all the 45 classes and the relevant fee will be charged.

4. The service fee is payable to the account No. 10032000-01731842-00000000 of the Office held at the Hungarian State Treasury

a) in cash or by bank card through the POS terminal at the cash desk of the Office,
b) by bank transfer, or
c) by postal cash-transfer order.

Should the payment be effected by bank transfer or cash-transfer order, the identification number given in the confirmation of order or in the invoice must be indicated by the customer on the transfer order (General Terms and Conditions, point 4.4).

The Office will prepare the search list until the 15th day at the latest following the crediting of the above account with the service fee.

5. The document prepared on the findings of the search is the search list, which

a) in the case of signs consisting of characters is a list containing the relevant hits. If the number of the relevant hits exceeds 30, the list contains not more than 30 of the most relevant hits;
b) in the case of figurative signs is a list containing the relevant hits. If the number of the relevant hits exceeds 15, the list contains not more than 15 of the most relevant hits;
c) in the case of the lack of any hits it contains the statement on this fact.

The search list indicates the sign, the identifiers of the sign (reference number, registration number), the numbers of the classes of goods or services, the filing date, the priority date and the origin of the trademark or trademark application (national, international, Community).

Printing in full of documents cited in the search list can be requested at the Customer Service of the Hungarian Patent Office against the payment of a fee.

Further public data of trademark applications and trademarks with earlier priority indicated in the search list are also accessible on the following homepages:
national trademarks:,
international trademarks: http:/,
Community trademarks:

6. The search list can be taken over personally or delivered by mail. If neither of them is indicated on the order form, the search list will be sent by post. If requested, the results will be transmitted by fax (up to 10 pages at most) or e-mail immediately after the performance of the search.

7. The Office draws the attention to the fact that the content of the databases, on which the search is based, may reflect a status earlier than the date of conducting of the search, for which the Office cannot assume any responsibility.