About the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office

The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (hereinafter referred to as "HIPO"; former name: Hungarian Patent Office; change of name effective from 1 January 2011 pursuant to Article 265 of Act CXLVIII of 2010) is the government office responsible for the protection of intellectual property established in 1896 by virtue of Article 23 of Act XXXVII of 1895 on Patents for Inventions.

Detailed rules concerning the legal status, the financial management, the responsibilities and the competence of the HIPO are contained in Articles 115/D to 115/L of Act XXXIII of 1995 on the Protection of Inventions by Patents (hereinafter referred to as the "Patent Act") and in Act XLIII of 2010 on central state administrative organs and on the legal status of Government members and state secretaries (hereinafter referred to as the "CO Act").

Pursuant to the CO Act, the HIPO, as a government office, is directed by the Government. The Minister for National Economy designated by the Prime Minister exercises the rights of supervision over the government office as laid down by law.

The President of the HIPO is appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister. The three vice-presidents are appointed and dismissed by the Minister for National Economy on the President’s proposal. The employer's rights over the Director General for Economic Affairs, who is the head of the economic departments of the HIPO, are exercised by the President.

The HIPO covers its operational costs from its own revenues and manages its revenues independently. The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office constitutes a separate budgetary title of the Central Budget of Hungary.

By virtue of Article 115/G of the Patent Act, the responsibilities and competence of the HIPO include:
a) official examinations and procedures in the field of industrial property;
b) performance of certain tasks in connection with copyright and rights related to copyright;
c) central governmental information and documentation activities in the field of intellectual property;
d) participation in the preparation of intellectual property legislation;
e) preparation and implementation of the Government's strategy for the protection of intellectual property; initiation and execution of governmental measures required for this purpose;
f) performance of professional tasks of international and European co-operation in the field of intellectual property protection;
g) performance of official and expert tasks relating to the assessment of research and development activity;
h) performance of registration tasks related to the tax base reduction benefit that may be claimed by enterprises supporting start-up enterprises.


The responsibilities and competence of the HIPO are set out in detail in Articles 115/H to 115/L of the Patent Act, in other legislation, in the Deed of Foundation of the HIPO and in its Organizational and Operational Rules.

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