WIPO Member States adopt new International Treaty on Intellectual Property, Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge

On 24 May 2024 WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) member states approved a groundbreaking new Treaty related to intellectual property (IP), genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge.

This historic breakthrough is the result of decades of negotiations and the diplomatic conference held in Geneva from 13-24 May 2024.

This is the first WIPO Treaty to address the interface between intellectual propertygenetic resources and traditional knowledge and the first WIPO Treaty to include provisions specifically for Indigenous Peoples as well as local communities.

The Treaty will establish a new disclosure requirement for patent applications concerning inventions that are based on genetic resources and/or associated traditional knowledge. The Treaty enters into force three months after 15 contracting parties ratified or acceded to the Treaty.

Pursuant to the Treaty, if the invention in the patent application is based on genetic resources, each contracting party shall require applicants to disclose the country of origin or, if the country of origin is not known, the source of the invention. In case the claimed invention in a patent application is based on traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources, each contracting party shall require applicants to disclose the Indigenous Peoples or local community provided the traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources.

Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO, welcomed the adoption of the Treaty and congratulated the participants on the successful outcome of the diplomatic conference.

Hungary was represented at the diplomatic conference by Ambassador Ms Margit Szűcs and Ms Helga Schnee, attaché, on behalf of the Permanent Misson in Geneva, and by president Mr Szabolcs Farkas, president, Mr Csaba Baticz, head of department, Ms Krisztina Kovács, industrial property advisor, Ms Eszter Kovács, head of section, and Ms Dóra Balogh, legal officer, on behalf of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO).

During the diplomatic conference, Ms Krisztina Kovács served as the coordinator of the regional group of Central European and Baltic States (CEBS) and represented the position of these states in course of the intensive negotiations. Thus, Hungary played a significant professional role during the diplomatic conference and actively contributed to its success, which was recognised by WIPO and its Member States.

24 May 2024