Positive professional appraisal of the HIPO's e-search database

On the website of Intellogist created by the experts of patent search systems, Joelle Mornini has published an analysis on the e-search service of the HIPO. During the all-embracing analysis, the expert was lead to the following conclusion:

"The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office offers a simple and centralized search platform for all intellectual property types issued through the Office, and results can be flexibly sorted and viewed, with a number of download options for full-text sections of the patent record.  Although the service offers a number of fielded search forms, the lack of a command line interface where the user can directly search using field operators, Boolean operators, truncation operators, parentheses, etc. is a minor disappointment, especially for professional patent searchers who often need to create complex queries to quickly scope out relevant record sets. Despite the lack of a command line, the centralized coverage and flexible filtering options make the HIPO IP Search tool one of the best national IP office search portals that I have come across."

The analysis can be reached at the following address: 

We would like to draw the attention of our dear users to our next development, which also concerns the surface that Joelle Morini advocated for professional searchers.

15 February 2013