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Last modified: 17 December 2010

Design-related organisations in Central and Eastern Europe

This list of organisations related to design and architecture located in Central and Eastern Europe has been compiled by the Hungarian Design Council. Most of the data was gathered from the websites of the organisations themselves. We tried to make the list as accurate and comprehensive as possible, but it is probably not complete.

If you think your organisation should have been included in the list but has been omitted by mistake, please provide us with a description and website address as soon as possible.

If the information given about your organisation is inaccurate, please help us correct it.
We welcome suggestions on other relevant organizations to be included in the list.
To update the information, please send an e-mail to
We would like to thank the Slovakian Design Centre, the Association of Polish Industrial Designers and the coordinators of the Design of Eastern Europe project for their invaluable help.

Last update of the list: 23 April 2008.


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Design-related organisations in Central and Eastern Europe

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