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Last modified: 10 January 2015

Patent Search Services

The aim of our services is to help you gain the information needed to establish well-founded decisions (sometimes inevitably) related to patent law and to avoid law infringement risks and needles expenditure. The demand to clarify the patentability situation could arise prior to lodge a patent application, or prior to acquire rights or during prosecution of rights of an already filled application or granted patent, but likewise in everyday business activity when developing, licensing deals, making, using, selling, importing or exporting either a product or a process. An early indication of the patentability could be very important for decision to be taken.

Data that could arise in questions related to patentability, and consideration other intellectual property rights should be explored from a multitude of patent and non-patent documentation, whose legal relevancy should be later established. This work requires special expertise.

In case of placing your confidence in us and you request our service, you can rely on this expertise. At the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, we have many decades of experience in patent searches. Our examiners are highly qualified patent examiners, who have gained the adequate practice in application of different patent searching methods and in performing analytical patentability examinations. We guarantee a quick, accurate and confident work, accordingly you can concentrate on other essential businesses.

We offer user friendly, evaluative expertises and patentability search results in a continuously widening product range, from which currently we offer the following five services:

  1. Novelty Search »
  2. Novelty Search with preliminary Patentability Report »

Please, take a look at the detailed description of each service, and for further information contact us!

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Price List (PDF) »  
Contact us (PDF) »  

For further information regarding our patentability search services please contact us:

  • Phone: : (+361) 474 5871
  • Fax::        (+361) 474 5850
  • E-mail::
  • Postal adress::
    Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
    H-1374 Budapest 5,
    PO BOX 552
    "patentability search"

If you have any industrial protection related question or you require information on any other protection form please contact the Customer Service of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office.

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