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Last modified: 27 March 2014

General information on trade mark registration procedure

(according to Law No. XI of 1997 )

(a) Date of filing:
The application shall contain at least an indication that trademark protection is sought, information identifying the applicant, the sign and the list of goods, even if not in compliance with the other requirements.

(b) Application fee:
Payable within a time limit of two months after the date of filing, this time limit may not be extended.

(c) List of all goods in Hungarian language:
It shall be filed within four months after the date of filing; this time limit may not be extended.

(d) Examination:
When a date of filing is accorded, official information on certain data of the application is published. Observation may be filed by third parties as to the registrability of the trademark. The person making the observation, shall, however, not be a party to the procedure. The Patent Office carries on ex officio the examination as to formal and substantive requirements (grounds for refusal) and has to take into consideration the observation.

(e) Amendment:
The application cannot be amended with regard to a change of the trademark or the broadening the list of goods.

(f) Division:
When an application contained more than one trademark, the applicant may divide the application, furthermore the application may be divided concernig certain parts of the list of goods, before the decision on the registration becomes final.

(g) Registration:
If the sign and the trademark application meet all the requirements of the Law, the sign shall be registered as a trademark by the Patent Office and official information on the registration shall be published in the official journal.

(h) Court review:
Decisions of the Patent Office in trademark matters are subject to review by the Court.

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